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MTA Takes on Washington

Author: mta | April 7, 2017, 1:56 pm

by Akiva Cooper (’18)

Students participating in Hatzioni’s mission to Washington D.C., better known as MTAPAC, started their day early last Thursday with a 6:25 minyan. As the bus departed from MTA at 7:15, students started to review what they had prepared for the day ahead of them. About two and a half [...]


MTA Runs With Shalva in Jerusalem Marathon

Author: mta | April 7, 2017, 1:55 pm

21.1 Kilometers, or 13.1 miles. That’s the total distance run by the ten MTA students who ran the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday, March 17. And while that’s an impressive accomplishment in itself, our experience in our four days in Israel far exceeded the two or three hours that the marathon consumed.

Most importantly, [...]


Debate Team Wins Big at Rambam Mesivta Debate Tournament

Author: mta | April 7, 2017, 1:54 pm

by Yosef Lemel (’17)

On Tuesday night, the MTA debate team went to Rambam for a joint experienced/novice debate. The resolution was: “The United States should tax caffeine.” That resolution may sound radical; however, the side arguing for the resolution is allowed to limit the tax to certain products. For example, both affirmative [...]


Honors College Discusses Tom’s River and the Moral and Legal Issues Involved in Public Safety

Author: mta | April 7, 2017, 1:52 pm

by David Tanner (’18)

During lunch this past Thursday, April 5th, the Honors College met, divided by grade, and discussed a selection from Tom’s River, this year’s Honors College reading. Tom’s River is an account of the pollution of the titular New Jersey township through dumping of toxic materials, which caused a cancer [...]


Soccer Team Sweeps Regular Season Series Against SAR

Author: mta | April 7, 2017, 1:51 pm

by Kovi Pahmer (’20)

On Monday night, the MTA Lions soccer team travelled to Riverdale to face their rivals, the SAR Sting, in a battle that may end up being the deciding factor in the division race. As expected, the game started out tick for tack as Hudy Weiss (’19) and Ariel Feuerstein [...]


Talmidim of Yeshiva Fellowship Inspired by Special Shabbaton Together with Rebbeim and Rabbi Lavi Greenspan

Author: mta | April 7, 2017, 1:50 pm

by Elishama Marmon (’20)

This past weekend, the Yeshiva Fellowship held its second annual Yeshiva Fellowship Shabbaton. Some of the talmidim played a few games of paintball at the Paintball Asylum in the pouring rain, which really added to the experience, while the others went bowling in Bowler City, and then rock climbing at High [...]


Rabbi Danto’s Shiur Celebrates Siyum on the First Perek of Rosh Hashanah

Author: mta | April 7, 2017, 1:49 pm

by Baruch Schwartz (’18)

On Monday, Rabbi Danto’s shiur celebrated the completion of 24 dapim of Gemara. With the completion of these dapim, the shiur also completed the first perek of Meseches Rosh Hashanah. The siyum was preceded by a review session lasting two and a half hours. This was concluded by singing and dancing [...]


Torah Bowl Team is Heading to the Championship!

Author: mta | March 31, 2017, 5:56 pm

by Shua Pariser (’20)

This Past Monday, MTA participated in its fourth Torah Bowl meet of the year. It was the most tense meet: the Playoffs. The participants were tested on Pinchas, Mattos, and Masei. When MTA arrived, there was a delicious pizza lunch. Due to MTA’s outstanding play throughout the season, they [...]


“Names, Not Numbers” Students Travel to Poland to Learn Horrors of Holocaust First-Hand

Author: mta | March 31, 2017, 5:55 pm

Last week, a number of boys that participated in MTA’s “Names, Not Numbers” course had the opportunity to travel to Poland, along with Rabbi and Mrs. Taubes, Mr. and Mrs. Dov and Tova Rosenberg and Yehoshua Szafranski (’14), as part of the school’s heavily subsidized trip, with thanks to a variety of generous [...]


Sophomores Have a Blast at Dude Ranch

Author: mta | March 31, 2017, 5:54 pm

by Yedidya Schechter (’19)

Immediately after davening last Wednesday morning, the excited sophomores boarded the buses to start a fantastic two day trip. The trip began by going to a sports complex inside a huge bubble-dome where we played sports such as kickball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and dodgeball. It was tiring, but loads [...]