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MTA fosters excellence in both Torah and Maddah, and cultivates a unique environment offering the resources of a University, while retaining the warmth of a yeshiva high school.

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Sy Syms School of Business Professor Robert Tufts Leads Workshop At MTA

On Thursday, February 7th, Sy Syms School of Business Professor Robert Tufts led a workshop at MTA, which focused on how to develop a business plan.  The workshop is part of MTA LEAD, a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurship program designed to empower talmidim with the ability to build on their entrepreneurial ideas and create meaningful and sustainable [...]

MTA Varsity Basketball Lions Are Victorious On Senior Night

By: Ikey Gutlove (‘20)

February 2nd was a night to remember for the MTA Varsity Lions basketball team and their fans.  As the final home game for both the Seniors and Coach Wiesel, the night began with a ceremony honoring the Seniors for their devotion to their coaches and teammates over the past two seasons, [...]

Rabbi Pearl’s Freshman Shiur Celebrates Siyum

By: Mordechai Fox (‘22)


On Sunday, February 3rd, Rabbi Pearl’s Freshman Shiur made a siyum to celebrate the completion of the second, third, and fourth perakim of Maseches Megillah.  The talmidim began their busy morning by chazering two dapim of gemara, in order to complete all 15 dapim, spanning the second through fourth perakim. [...]

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