Social/Emotional Guidance – Yeshiva University High School for Boys – MTA

Social/Emotional Guidance

In keeping with YUHSB's goal of helping students develop in all facets of their character, a certified school psychologist and full-time social worker are available daily for informal assessment, short term intervention and, when necessary, referrals to outside specialists.

The school psychologist, guidance counselors and/or social worker meet with every student on an informal basis, and target those who may need help in dealing with interpersonal difficulties or the ups and downs of daily life, both in and out of school. They work with the administrators, deans, Rebbeim and the teachers to ensure emotional health and welfare of the students. Parents are encouraged to speak with our guidance staff if they are concerned about their son or if there are any major changes happening outside of school to which teachers and administrators should be sensitive.

Additionally, the guidance team proactively reaches out to all students and organize special programs and workshops over the course of the year.

Mrs. Tamar Sheffey

Director of Guidance

Rabbi Baruch Schonbrun

Guidance Counselor

Grade Deans

The Grade Dean/Mashgiach helps ensure that each student has an enjoyable and successful year filled with growth on all levels, be it educational, religious or social. The Grade Dean/ Mashgiach tracks the progress of each student. Grade deans are the advisors and advocates of the students. The Freshmen have 2 grade Deans for extra support through this transition year.

The Grade Deans chair regular grade-wide faculty meetings to discuss different issues that effect each grade as well as share information to help support each student. The Deans also communicate regularly with parents regarding their son’s progress.

Rabbi Eli Cohn

9th Grade


Rabbi Yisrael Apfel

10th Grade

Rabbi Netanel Danto

11th Grade

Rabbi Avraham Shulman

12th Grade