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Giving Opportunities

As we prepare to embark on our second century, the support of friends and family of the MTA community is as crucial as ever.

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We rely on contributions from our parents, alumni, and friends to help fund the myriad of programs, activities, and educational experiences that enable our students to receive a Jewish education like no other. Through your generosity, we look forward to continuing to provide, and enhance, this experience for many more generations of future Jewish leaders.

Sponsorship Opportunities

STEM is at the forefront of education at YUHSB where students are offered opportunities to build skills in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students participate in the Scientific-Engineering Symposium where they present their incredible projects they worked on over the course of the year to fellow students and parents.

Select students spend six weeks in Israel studying at Yeshivat Makor Chaim, while later in the year, Yeshivat Makor Chaim sends students to MTA. The visiting students coordinate programs and events, bringing added ruach to the yeshiva environment.

Students learn about the Holocaust from those who experienced it, thus preserving survivors’ stories for future generations. Students work with a professional journalist, filmmaker, and a Holocaust scholar. The screening of the “Names, Not Numbers” film is shown at a culminating dinner, which is attended by the participating students and survivors, along with their families.

The Yeshiva-Wide Shabbaton is an incredible Shabbos, where the entire yeshiva – talmidim, rebbeim, and faculty, come together for an inspirational and fun Shabbaton.

150+ students complete a Massechta; parents join their sons for a seuda, divrei Torah, and dancing.

About 50 students, along with faculty members, travel to the nation’s capital to lobby on behalf of the State of Israel. Prior to the mission, the students attend workshops and training to prepare them to be effective lobbyists.

The program features a special breakfast, music, dancing, costume contest, a speaker and a Purim shpeil.

YUHSB believes that each studen’s relationship with their Rebbe/Teacher is an integral part of their Chinuch. For one day we take this commitment to a new level with the entire yeshiva going to Camp Monroe. The day consists of a multitude of sports with all grade levels and staff members involved, and highlighted with a school wide barbecue.

Organized by longtime MTA Instructor of English and Debate Coach, Mrs. Harriet Levitt, the annual Great Debate brings together debaters from across the country. The program, hosted by MTA, takes place on the Yeshiva University campus.

Dedicate a day of learning at MTA to commemorate the yahrzeit of a loved one, to request the merit of a refuah sheleimah for someone in need of a recovery, in honor of a simcha or any special occasion. Your dedication will be announced via email to our entire yeshiva community, listed in our weekly e-newsletter, publicized on screens throughout our yeshiva, and announced at davening.

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Sari Kahn

Director of Institutional Advancement