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The MTA Experience

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The Limmudei Kodesh program, which runs either until 12:20 pm or until 2:00 pm depending upon the program, is divided into three parts. The majority of the morning is spent in the intense and in-depth (be-iyyun) study of Gemara with time devoted to the study of halachah and hashkafah, at the discretion of the Rebbe. The second component of the morning program is a 45 minute shiur devoted to the study of Tanakh, and the third component, applicable to our advanced track Shiurim, is comprised of basic general Gemara study with an emphasis on breadth over depth (bekius), which in some cases takes place in the Yeshiva University Beis Medrash under the guidance of RIETS students.

The General Studies program begins at either 1:20 pm or 2:00 pm, depending upon the above Limmudei Kodesh schedule, and is divided into six periods covering a full range of disciplines including the sciences, mathematics, language, literature and history. Each student attends five academic courses and a Physical Education class. Both the Judaic and the General studies program incorporate requirements outside the classroom, including preparation for classes, exams and written assignments.

The Campus

Located at the heart of Yeshiva University’s Wilf Campus, YUHSB students have unparalleled access to facilities such as the many batei medrash, the Max Stern Athletic Center (NCAA Full regulation sized basketball court, the Pollack and Gottesman Libraries (world famous for manuscripts and volumes in both judaic and non-judaic sources), university laboratories, Tenzer Gardens, and more.

In our own building, The Joseph Alexander Library, located in an architecturally acclaimed space, is the centerpiece of our second and third floors. It houses over 14,000 volumes and is continually growing. The room serves as a study hall for individual work or review sessions. It also houses a beautiful iMac Lab. Our lending library of over 225 videos, including a classical film collection, is available to both students and teachers.

The Community

Located in northern Manhattan, on the Wilf campus of Yeshiva University, home of Yeshiva College and the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS), Yeshiva University High School for Boys draws nearly 300 students from the greater New York metropolitan area and beyond. Approximately 90% of the student body commutes from throughout the five boroughs of N.Y.C. and its suburbs. The other 10%, drawn from throughout North America and the world, lives in our campus residence hall.

The Faculty

The teaching, guidance, and administrative staff are made up of a very diverse group of professionals. Rebbeim and General Studies faculty members are carefully selected from candidates who exhibit a love of the subject matter, as well as a display of care and concern for their students. The majority of teachers hold masters’ degrees in their subject area and more than half hold additional degrees and certifications. Most members of the rabbinical staff hold a masters’ degree in addition to their ordination and many are involved in Jewish leadership fields such as the pulpit rabbinate.

The Commute (or Stay)

Daily transportation is provided at an extra cost to a variety of communities including:

  • Monsey
  • Bergen County
  • Brooklyn
  • Edison / Highland Park
  • Elizabeth
  • Great Neck
  • Long Island
  • Manhattan
  • Monsey
  • Passaic
  • Riverdale
  • Westchester County

Transportation is provided each and every school day. We also provide late buses for students who wish to participate in after-school programming (night seder, athletics, clubs, studying, etc.) in order to alleviate the burden on parents who would otherwise need to carpool. These buses travel to various communities (depending on the night), departing the school at 8:30 pm. Non-dorm students also have the opportunity to stay over, on occasion, in the dormitory with permission and when space allows.

The Warmth of a Yeshiva High School...

  • 6:1 Student:Faculty Ratio
  • Grade Trips
  • Shiur Shabbatons
  • School Shabbaton
  • Class sizes range from 6 to 25 students
  • Average class size is 17.5
  • Learning Center (provides Resource Room support)
  • Emphasis on close Rebbe–Talmid Relationship
  • Unlimited access to YU’s Main Beis Midrash
  • Grade Deans / Mashgichim insure individual attention given to each and every student
  • 15 faculty members (not including upper administration) are dedicated to student guidance and support

The Resources of a Top Tier University...

  • Unlimited access to YU’s Main Beis Midrash
  • Weekly chaburas with RIETS Roshei Yeshiva
  • Access to the Mendel Gottesman and Pollack Libraries
  • Regular shiurim from RIETS Roshei Yeshiva
  • Lectures from noted College professors
  • AP Courses utilize the college laboratories
  • Internship opportunity at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • College classes offered Senior year (and sometimes earlier)
  • Access to the University Cafeteria, Max Stern Athletic Center, and Gottesman Pool
  • Senior Fellowship: Select seniors are chosen to work one-on-one with a college professor who mentors and advises them on a specific project
  • Weekly chaburas and dedicated mentoring program with college and semicha students
  • Entrepreneurship/Business Leadership program in conjunction with Sy Syms School of Business
  • Participation in campus-wide events and programs