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MTA Honors College Explores Epidemiology

By: Mordechai Fox (’22) 

On Monday, October 19th, talmidim participating in MTA’s Honors College were privileged to hear from Dr. Dean Hosgood, a professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. Dr. Hosgood gave a virtual presentation on the topic of how epidemiologists identify and analyze diseases [...]

MTA Infuses Sukkos With Inspiration, Energy, And Achdus

While Sukkos may have looked different this year than it has in previous years, MTA infused yom tov with its signature inspiration, energy, and achdus through special MTA@Home Sukkos programming. These programs included guidelines, helpful tips, and a list of Sukkos songs to make yom tov meaningful for those who were unable to attend shul [...]

MTA’s Extra Learning Initiatives Enhance Torah Programming

MTA’s incredible variety of extra learning programs provide talmidim with the opportunity to enhance their Torah learning throughout the day. These initiatives include an Iyun Tefillah Chaburah every morning before davening, where talmidim explore topics related to davening; a daily Mishna Chaburah, where they gain a better understanding of Maseches Pesachim; a weekly Y Club, [...]

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