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The pre-eminent Yeshiva High School for boys for 100 years

MTA fosters excellence in both Torah and Maddah, and cultivates a unique environment offering the resources of a University, while retaining the warmth of a yeshiva high school.

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Yeshiva University High School for Boys

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YU Rosh Yeshiva Enhances MTA’s Aseres Yemei Teshuva Tefillos

On Thursday, October 3rd, MTA talmidim were zoche to have their Aseres Yemei Teshuva teffilos enhanced by the presence of YU Rosh Yeshiva Rav Herschel Reichman, who joined the yeshiva’s Shacharis minyan.  Rav Reichman, along with MTA and YU Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michael Taubes, led talmidim in an inspiring Shacharis and Selichos, which truly added [...]

MTA Juniors Build Sukkahs For The Elderly

On Thursday, October 3rd, MTA Juniors braved the rain and joined the Jewish Home Family’s Safely@Home program and built sukkahs for those who were unable to build their own in the New Jersey Jewish community. Talmidim enjoyed participating in this program, which enables them to help community members fulfill this important mitzvah. The initiative is [...]

Mishmar Madness Sets The Tone For A Meaningful Rosh Hashana

We set the tone for a meaningful Rosh Hashana for all of our talmidim at last night’s Mishmar Madness. The event featured chaburahs with Yeshiva University talmidim and our own Beis Medrash Katan talmidim and shiurim with MTA rebbeim, which focused on topics relevant to Rosh Hashana. Afterwards, talmidim and rebbeim gathered together for a moving kumzits, [...]

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