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MTA fosters excellence in both Torah and Maddah, and cultivates a unique environment offering the resources of a University, while retaining the warmth of a yeshiva high school.

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MTA Debate Team Does It Again!

By: Benny Mermel (’19) On Monday, March 18th, the MTA Debate Team headed over to Rambam for an exciting debate.  Upon arrival, all teams received the topic they were going to debate and had just one hour to prepare.  The topic, Should Congress pass an amendment that would end the Presidents’ ability to issue Executive [...]

MTA Talmidim And Rebbeim Celebrate Purim Together

MTA talmidim and rebbeim enjoyed an unforgettable Purim celebration together! The evening started with Mincha and Shiurim, followed by Maariv, Megillah, and break-fast. Then the real fun began with incredible dancing, tremendous ruach, an entertaining Purim video created by the Seniors, and a costume contest. They ended the night at the Yeshiva University chagiga, [...]

MTA Lions Named Sarachek Tier II Champions

By: Ikey Gutlove (‘20)

When March 4, 2019, otherwise known as “Sarachek Selection Monday”, arrived and the seeds of the tournament were revealed, the Lions were determined to become the Tier II Champions. Coach Weissberg even offered a great incentive to encourage the team to play their best – if they went undefeated, they would [...]

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